One Year Anniversary :)

On August 29, 2014 my life took a turn for the “incredible”… this photo was takenĀ in my last moments of dealing with chronic pain and limitations from my birth defect. Within 30 min of this snapshot I was walking, running, and not ashamed to say it: sweating like a hog and every part of body […]

3.3 Miles… Check!

Exactly 9 weeks before March 1st I embarked on a challenge I was both excited and nervous about… a 5K. I have NEVER ran that distance before… I’ve gone that far with some walking and of course some discomfort afterwards but I really wanted to get in a full run. For the avid runners imagine […]

Like a Baby Taking Their First Steps.

Yesterday I tested the plastic prototype of the IDEO. I normally walk slowly, with a limp, and would rather crawl on my hands and knees than walk on uneven gravel (shudder). Just with the plastic test version I was able to walk full speed on many surfaces for 30+ minutes without pain. I didn’t even […]