3.3 Miles… Check!


Exactly 9 weeks before March 1st I embarked on a challenge I was both excited and nervous about… a 5K. I have NEVER ran that distance before… I’ve gone that far with some walking and of course some discomfort afterwards but I really wanted to get in a full run. For the avid runners imagine taking 3 years off then trying to run a 1/2 marathon… to put it in perspective that’s what 3.3 miles was looking like to me.

I heard about the Couch To 5K program, got a group of people together to stay accountable, and we set out to make it happen!! It was tough but fun… we slowly built up the length of time we were running and then something unexpected happened… spring came in February here. Sounds great for running outside until the allergy-induced asthma kicks in!! As my longer runs became hindered by some really attractive wheezing noises in public and having to stop to get that bi”yawn” breath (some of you know what I’m talking about!) I had to face the reality that maybe I won’t be able to run the whole distance.

I was a bit disappointed and then I realized for the first time my foot had nothing to do with this predicament!!! I unsuccessfuly tried to find the right balance of breathing and medicine in time for the run but here’s how the big day went:

This race was earrrrrlllyyyy in the morning. First leg began at 6:45am and it was a whopping 42degrees. My sister was by my side and some friends in other legs (or doing the 15K being a badass). The first half was downhill… which is great until you realize you have to go back up to loop around haha! I took my time, enjoyed the moment, walked at the speediest pace possible when my lungs got tight and pushed through. I loved every grueling second of it!! Even those damn hills!! All the runners had great energy and the volunteers directing the “herd” (they had cowbells it was awkward… moooo) would encourage you to keep going as you passed by and they rang their cowbells (still weird…).

I finished in 38 minutes and some change… averaging about a 12 minute mile including walking. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!!! When the 5K stopped being about running and just about doing is when it meant more and was something to look forward to. To be able to run at all even if not well is a blessing in itself. I plan to continue running… taking it slow and learning as much as I can on how to control my breathing and train my lungs! Any advice from fellow allergy-ridden outdoorsy types on this topic would be much appreciated!! My sister and I have a crazy idea of doing a 1/2 marathon in the next few years… in Hawaii! Because if you’re going to do something big… go big or go home right??!

Not sure what my next adventure will be… softball season starts tomorrow so that will be good to get back into!! I’m going to tackle some more of my not-quite-a-bucket-list-list items this summer for sure!!!

Until next time!


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