Just me and my clubfoot (aka “tink tink”/”tinkerton”) taking on the world with a little help (okay maybe a LOT of help) from the Exosym (formerly known as the IDEO – Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis). After years of pain and limitations from my birth defect I have been given a second chance to regain the adventurous and active life I had growing up! Follow me as I tackle the small and large hurdles I have been facing with my new amazing brace/orthotic/prosthetic/robot leg!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring & guiding my cousin Dana C. Thank God for the ‘tech geniuses’ that designed & built the IDEO. Praying for your continued success, with hopeful eyes on the future for my ‘clubby’ cousin.


  2. Hello! My husband 55 was born with a clubfoot. In recent years it has become extremely painful. His foot is always in pain. And it’s getting worse. How did you contact the maker if the IDEO-I forgot his name? How did you know this brace would help? We live near Toronto Canada but if this would really help my husband he would be willing to go wherever necessary. He saw an orthopaedic surgeon who said any surgery would probably make things worse…so we are not sure where to turn next. Thank you for your reply. Laura


    • Hi Laura, You can email Ryan Blanck directly at rblanck@hanger.com and cc the IDEO program Admin Koreen Peterson at kpeterson@hanger.com. They’ll send you the application material and request photos/videos for an initial assessment if your husband is a good candidate. I wasn’t sure it would work but it was my only option besides starting a long road of surgery that I was also told would likely not help… so I took a risk! Before getting the carbon fiber device (no payment required until you get the final device btw) you test a plastic prototype version… your husband would know right away if it will work for him with the plastic version. It may require two trips to Gig Harbor Washington, USA but it’s worth every effort to live pain-free šŸ™‚ Keep me posted and feel free to reach out w/ any questions!


  3. My situation is very similar to yours except I’m older (56). Trying to avoid surgery if at all possible and love the brace idea instead. Anything but surgery right? How is your ankle when you are not wearing the brace? Still painful? I’d love to try this option if it can buy me a few more years before surgery and get me out hiking and biking again. Your story is very inspiring! Thanks.


    • The ExoSym has allowed me to avoid countless surgeries… it really is a life-changer! My residual pain is gone (that horrible pain for the first few steps in the morning i used to have). Within a few weeks/months of getting it my swelling went away. AND I have a calf muscle so my leg is getting stronger. I don’t wear the device around my house unless I’m cooking/cleaning but wear it all other times. If you haven’t found Jennie’s blog check it out – she too is in her 50s with clubfoot and got the device about a year ago. Her website has TONS of info to help others start the process to getting the ExoSym! xx Best of luck!! http://www.jjsbionicleg.webs.com


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