1/2 way in the Couch To 5K!

It’s been a BUSY past few months and sadly I have neglected my blog… but I’M BACK and a lot has changed in my life! I got engaged in November (aka great motivation to stay on track in my fitness journey), started my Couch to 5K 9-week running program, and survived the Holiday Season without any drama 😉

I’ve also met some wonderful people through the IDEO and also the Couch to 5K program. I have been trying to spread the word particularly to the adults/teens with clubfoot community that this is a viable option for us to really change our lives. Watching other people go through this journey from pain and limitations to all of a sudden walking, running, and living with this brace has been so inspiring! We’ve got a great support system full of advice and encouragement.

I’ll be honest…. my decision to do a 5K had a lot to do with the fact that there was chocolate at the end of the run haha! But as I slowly make a transition from being a sprinter/agility runner to getting a little more into “long” distance running (yes 3.3 miles is a looooong way to go for me and I’m not ashamed of that!) I’m starting to remember what it’s like to be an athlete again. I’m brought back to the days when a 1 mile run was a warmup… except now at the end of a workout I have to give special attention to my non-clubfoot leg and make sure I stretch and foam roll a little extra and I’m not covered in ice packs on my right foot!

This 5K has become more than me wanting to run the full distance without walking. I’m ok with the reality that I may need to walk a little bit (but I’m still working to avoid that!). It has become about the wonderful group of people that have been doing this program by my side. We all started with the same attitude: if you ask us to run far we make a stink face and let out a collective groan. Now that we’re at the 1/2 way point to the actual race I can see a shift in attitude happening. We’re realizing we CAN do this and maybe we’ll actually be able to define part of our identity as “runners” after the next 4.5 weeks are up!

Until next time!



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